How Does Scaling and Root Planing Address Gum Disease?

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 11/30/2020

Scaling and root planing therapy is a professional service used to address gum disease and enhance overall oral health.


Situations When Fillings Are Offered to Elevate Your Oral Wellness

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 11/21/2020

Dental fillings might be necessary to resolve tooth decay and worn-down teeth and elevate your oral health and smile.


What Are the Perks of Sedation Dentistry Services?

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 11/14/2020

Sedative solutions can help individuals with various oral wellness backgrounds have a more relaxing experience at the dentist.


Things That May Result in Bad Breath

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 11/07/2020

While it's not always talked about, many individuals can have foul breath for multiple reasons.


The Most Common Reasons For Having Red, Swollen Gums

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 10/30/2020

Anytime you develop inflamed or bleeding gums, it's crucial to see a dentist for a thorough checkup to learn if gum disease may be the culprit.


The Things People Must Learn When It Comes To Tooth Flossing

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 10/23/2020

Routine flossing could stop plaque buildup and encourage a healthy smile. Browse on to learn about the benefits of flossing for your overall health.


How Dental Sealants Might Elevate Your Child's Oral Wellness

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 10/16/2020

Deciding to get dental sealants can be a smart approach to shield your child's teeth from cavities and prolong their oral wellness.


Situations That Can Trigger Tooth Pain

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 10/09/2020

Tooth pain can form for several reasons, so it's essential to keep your oral health in shape by receiving yearly exams.


Things To Do If Your Dental Health Requires Urgent Treatment

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 09/25/2020

A dental emergency, such as a loose, chipped, or dislodged tooth, can result in discomfort and put your total wellness at risk for further issues.


Discover If A Root Canal Treatment Could Enhance Your Oral Health

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 09/18/2020

A number of symptoms can mean that you require a root canal treatment to effectively treat an infected, decayed tooth.


Find Out The Ideal Treatment Options For A Cracked Tooth

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 09/11/2020

After someone damages a tooth, he or she could require immediate dental treatment to rehabilitate their smile and oral wellness.


Habits to Ensure That Your Teeth Will Stay in Good Shape At Home

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 09/04/2020

Since there are constant changes happening all around us, it's necessary to make sure that you keep your teeth and gums in great shape at home.


What To Prioritize When Selecting A Primary Care Dentist

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 08/28/2020

Picking the right dentist can be an overwhelming decision. While you settle on your selection, mull over these important qualities.


How Fluoride Elevates The Health of Your Teeth

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 08/21/2020

Commonly found in food and water sources, fluoride can strengthen your tooth enamel and shield cavity-prone teeth from decay.


Exceptional Dental Health Is Essential To Enjoying A Better Life

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 08/14/2020

The benefits of a healthy smile go beyond the teeth and gums. Find out how the link between oral and overall health can impact you.


How Do Routine Dental Cleanings Keep Your Mouth In Great Shape?

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 08/07/2020

Routine dental cleanings are an important aspect of ensuring that your smile is healthy and radiant both today and well into the future.


Dental Treatments to Remove Tooth Stains: A Guide

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 02/15/2019

Visit a cosmetic dentistry office in Houston, TX, such as Made Ya Smile, and let the professionals help you find a long-lasting solution.


Preventing Tooth Decay With Fluoride: An Insight

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 02/12/2019

Tooth decay is something that everyone should be concerned about. It’s more common than you might think, and is far more dangerous, too.


5 Food Options for Healthier Teeth

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 02/09/2019

Keeping your smile gorgeous often feels like something you need to sacrifice for.


A Brief Introduction to Sedation Dentistry Types

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 02/06/2019

If you are hesitant about a dental procedure, one option you have is called sleep dentistry.


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