Some Ways Mouth Dryness Raises Your Chances for Tooth Decay

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 05/09/2021

Discovering things that could heighten your odds of dental caries is required when it comes to maintaining your dental health.


Complications a Dentist May Diagnose At an Annual Dental Exam

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 04/30/2021

Annual dental exams are required to find and fix many illnesses, including cavities and oral cancer.


How Often You Should Bleach Your Teeth for a Lighter Smile?

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 04/25/2021

Find out more about ways to keep a gorgeous smile with routine in-office dental whitening services and dentist-supplied bleaching treatments.


The Connection Between Food and Your Oral Wellness

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 04/18/2021

Numerous kinds of foods and drinks can impact your teeth and raise your odds for developing dental caries.


The Critical Reasons Why You Shouldn't Procrastinate Your Biannual Cleaning

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 04/11/2021

For the wellness of your teeth, twice-yearly dental cleanings play an essential role in finding underlying complications.


Can Unaddressed Tooth Discomfort Lead to Bigger Dental Issues?

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 03/31/2021

Read more about the standard kinds of tooth pain and if it necessitates emergency attention from an experienced oral care practitioner.


Can Customized Veneers Enhance the Appearance of Misaligned Teeth?

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 03/26/2021

Made using medical-grade materials, veneers are seen as the most renown of the cosmetic dentistry services thanks to their radiant look.


Improve the Look of Your Smile by Having a Customized Smile Makeover

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 03/19/2021

When aesthetic and corrective dentistry options are offered concurrently, the result can be a spectacular smile that endures time.


What Kinds of Dental Concerns Can a Missing Crown Lead To?

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 03/07/2021

Although crowns are a proper solution for broken teeth, they don't last forever. Find out what to do if your dental crown pops off.


Will Smile Makeover Procedures Enhance Crooked Teeth?

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 02/28/2021

Poorly aligned teeth could affect how you feel about your smile. Learn how a smile makeover can fix this issue and raise your confidence!


What Are the Signs of Periodontal Disease?

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 02/22/2021

Gum disease is a condition that causes the supporting structures of the teeth to wear away and could result in serious problems.


Several Methods to Defend Against Dental Decay

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 02/14/2021

Tooth decay is the most frequent oral concern plaguing patients of all ages. There are several actions to take to ensure your teeth stay healthy.


A Guide to Brushing Your Teeth the Right Way by Using Good Approaches

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 02/07/2021

Brushing correctly is a fundamentall part of preserving a healthy smile. Learn more about the best brushing practices and common mishaps to avoid.


Typical Triggers of And Effective Treatments For Tooth Pain

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 01/31/2021

Tooth pain may occur due to numerous situations or complications and needs to be addressed promptly.


This Is Why Restoring Missing Teeth Is Critical For Your Oral Health

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 01/23/2021

Having tooth loss could result in numerous concerns. Find out why filling in the open spaces in your smile is critical for your dental wellness.


Reasons to Go With Professional Teeth Whitening Over Drugstore Strips

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 01/16/2021

When dingy, stained teeth are stopping you from smiling confidently, learn about your options to attain a healthy, bright, and white smile.


The Ways Invisalign® Orthodontics Can Help People Attain A Healthier Smile

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 01/09/2021

Invisalign orthodontics offer a clear and efficient alternative to help adolescents and adults get a healthier smile.


Why Having a Dental Crown May Improve Your Oral Health

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 12/29/2020

Crowns are offered for several oral situations. They can fill in missing teeth, hide broken teeth, or fix implanted or severely damaged teeth.


Helpful Ways to Reduce the Risk of Dental Decay In Children

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 12/21/2020

Ideal dental hygiene techniques are learned in childhood. Discover how dentistry for kids can maintain your child's dental health!


Learn About the Common Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 12/14/2020

Getting rid of a tooth that is irreparably broken or trapped in the jaw may be the best way to save your smile and overall dental health.


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