About Made Ya Smile Dental

Made Ya Smile Dental offers services from general cleaning and preventative care to orthodontics and surgery. We strive to provide a welcoming, comforting environment for our patients. If you're looking for a dentist in the Houston area, give us a call!


Dr. Michael Kesnar:
At Made Ya Smile Dental we provide all phases of dentistry, so fillings and crowns and root canals. And we have an oral surgeon on staff, so we do impacted wisdom teeth and implants. So we cover all the different areas of dentistry, and we also provide cosmetic dentistry.

Denise P.:
I love my Lumineers because Dr. Kesnar is experienced and he does more Lumineers than anybody in the United States. So that's the type of doctor I would want to go to to have this type of procedure. I love my Lumineers because they make me smile all the time, and I am so proud to say that I made an investment in myself.

Dr. Michael Kesnar::
At Made Ya Smile Dental we do so many Lumineers that we're able to offer our patients discounts. So we have specials that go for different months where you can get Lumineers at a greatly reduced cost.

Well, patient care is very important to us. We offer free nitrous for all of our patients. We offer sedation for our patients.

Well, at Made Ya Smile Dental we have six dentists and we have an oral surgeon, and all of them very experienced. So all of our new patients, we give free exam, x-rays and consultation. We even have free whitening for new patients.

We have three convenient locations. One's in Sugar Land, Pearland, and Cypress, so give us a call and try us out.

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