Dental Sealants Help Prevent Cavities in Tooth Enamel

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By the time your child reaches their mid-teenage years, their primary teeth should be completely replaced with their set of 32 adult teeth. It’s quite common for the biting surfaces of molars and premolars to emerge with deep pits and fissures. This is an evolutionary adaptation to make the teeth more efficient at chewing and grinding hard foods.

At the same time, these deeply textured areas can also serve as a dangerous trap for residual food particles and plaque. If cavities form in these areas, your child might need large fillings to repair them.

If our team of dentists notices plaque and food particles trapped in these areas, they might recommend protecting the teeth with dental sealants in Sugar Land, Texas.

A sealant is a durable, plastic shell that our dentists paint onto the biting surfaces of your child’s molars and premolars. A special ultraviolet light will be used to harden the resin. Even if plaque and food particles get stuck on the biting surfaces, the sealants will prevent the bacteria from having direct access to the healthy tooth enamel beneath.

Dental sealants can be applied immediately after your child’s regular dental checkup and cleaning to insure the enamel is completely clean.

You can expect dental sealants to last up to two years and they won’t be worn away with brushing.

If you are interested in dental sealants for your child, you should call Made Ya Smile Dental to schedule their next dental checkup.

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